Earl Grey cupcakes

Earl Grey cupcakes I’m delighted with these delicious Earl Grey teacup cupcakes. They have a super light, spongy crumb, with a subtle flavour of vanilla and milky Earl Grey. I was actually surprised by just how well these turned out. I’d never used tea leaves in cake batter and wondered if they would be gritty or bitter, but they weren’t at all. In fact, because they’re steeped in milk first, they’re sweet, soft and just a little chewy in the baked cakes – just yummy! You could make these cakes in normal muffin cases, but we recently splashed out on these silicone teacup cake cases from Lakeland (£4.99 for 4), which rather adds to the effect, I think. The kids and I filled the teapot with milk and had a little tea party. Here’s the recipe – it makes 10-12…

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