E-books for World Book Day?

E-books for World Book Day? This year’s World Book Day has set me thinking about e-books. To be honest, I’ve never particularly been a fan of the idea. Nothing beats walking into a room and catching that dry, woody smell that lingers around piles of books. And gazing into mellow, creamy pages of words beats staring at a screen, hands down.

But I have to admit that picture-based e-books and literary-themed games can help engage children from a very young age. On long journeys, for instance, an e-book could help eke out just a little further those gaps between service stations. And they can reduce the amount of pinching and poking in the back seats.

For the trickiest age to travel with, the under-5s, there are plenty of illustrated e-books on the market, as well as game tie-ins. Here are a few that caught my eye, not just because they’re great books, but because the authors have made use of multiple media to bring the stories even more to life.

Aliens, Dinosaurs, Monsters or Pirates love Underpants, by Ben Cort and Claire Freedman

Cheeky and irreverent, these rhyming stories show a set of pilferers – aliens, dinosaurs, monsters or pirates, depending on the book –

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