Dyfi Osprey Project, Snowdonia

Dyfi Osprey Project, Snowdonia - Mums do travel

Ospreys, it seems, have pretty brutal love lives. Those that breed in the UK spend the winter in Africa and then fly 3,000 miles back to their nests in spring. But when they arrive here they may have to battle other birds for both their nest and their mate.

My daughter didn’t come with the rest of the family to the Dyfi Osprey Projectnofollow in Wales at the weekend as she was busy revising for her GCSEs. When I told her about what the ospreys had been doing she said it sounded just like the reality TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’.

I’ve not seen the show but this was the story so far when we visited: four birds had arrived from Africa at various times over the previous week but only two remained. One was Monty, a male who’s bred here before and the other was Blue 24, a female who’s new to the reserve. Monty had already seen off another male who he found on the nest when he arrived here.

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