Dulce De Leche Cake

Dulce De Leche Cake Would you like a piece of cake?  No, I’m afraid it’s not a healthy cake.  No, it’s not recommended for dieters.   It’s just cake.  Sometimes a good piece of cake is all you need to make you happy.  That’s what this cake is like. It’s soft, moist and fairly dense with a lovely caramel flavour from both the brown sugar and the dulce de leche.  I’d love to say it’s light but I’m afraid it’s not.  Even so, you could just have a small slice.   Why deprive yourself?

The icing is also rich, sweet and caramelly from the dulce de leche.   It was a little runny and we did lose some that ran off the sides and onto the plate but we weren’t shy of scooping it up on spoons to eat afterwards.  In fact, I could have happily eaten it off the spoon for a dessert on its own.   Maybe next time I’d add just a little bit more icing sugar so it would be a bit thicker.   I wouldn’t want to dilute any of the lovely caramel flavour though.


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