Ducks, a playground & the party

Ducks, a playground & the party

Saturday was a busy day for POD. We headed to a nearby park while the car was being looked at then celebrated her Christmas Day birthday with a Summer party.

The park is not one we’ve visited before and we were thrilled to discover a pond there. It was covered in lilies and teeming with wildlife including ducks, moorhens and three of these of these little fellas. POD loved them and we stayed there for a little while just watching them waddle about. The ducks were less interested in us when the realised we didn’t have any bread!

In the playground, POD got to do what she does best…climb! Climbing up the slide then heading back down it only to do the same again.

There was a fair amount of hanging around too as well as sliding down this pole and attempting to climb up it. She has incredible strength for her age, I’m sure attending gymnastics has helped too.

Although hesitant at first, POD loved the roundabout. It was even better when we were both on it although Mummy quickly remembered why she didn’t enjoy roundabouts as a child.

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