Downton Abbey - The Best Show on the Box, But Why?

Downton Abbey - The Best Show on the Box, But Why?

If it was a choice between doing ANYTHING and watching Downton Abbey I would choose Downton Abbey every Sunday and twice at Christmas! In fact that is what I do! I watch it every Sunday while it's on, and then at Christmas I watch the DVDs and the much anticipated Christmas special.

I have forced myself to do some introspection... What is it about the big D that does it for me?

My brainstorm: It's the drama, the class struggles (I loved Upstairs Downstairs as a child too - yes I know there were some bits that were a bit above the watershed, I just looked away), the costumes, the intrigue, the characters, the acting and the suspense. There's always lots of suspense. I have also made a shocking discovery. I like the fact that women are women and men are men. Now don't get me wrong I haven't worn high heels in about 7 years, and

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