Double Volume Instant Weave in Boho Blonde review

Double Volume Instant Weave in Boho Blonde review

As an avid cosmetics and hair care lover, being given the chance to review some hair extensions c/o WonderlandWigs was a treat. Offering an extensive range of wigs, hair pieces and eyelashes it took me a while to decide!

I’ve previously used clip-in hair extensions, but when I came across the instant weaves, they instantly got my attention because the reason I stopped using traditional clip-in sets wasn’t because of how they looked, but it was the upkeep of putting them in every morning.

I received the Beauty Works – Double volume Instant Weave in Boho Blonde 613/27 within a couple of days, and was taken back by the realistic synthetic fibres. It was clearly high-quality and this was reflected not only in the hair itself, but the lining and combs. Apprehensive about how the piece would hold and if it would blend naturally with me hair, I was pleasantly surprised.

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