Don't worry about a thing

Don't worry about a thing

Ron wants an xBox for Christmas. And before you go ahead and think Ron is this materialistic child who asks for extravagant things, I have to explain -  I asked him to choose his dream gift, because after a couple of lean-Christmases, we decided to try for a more splash-out one this year (for the kids at least. Not sure yet about the adults). Anyway the reason I am telling you about this isn't because a new xBox One will cost us somewhere around 400 pounds (plus of course the mandatory Fifa 14), but because of the significance of two words - wants and xBox. "xBox" because for me it means he is growing up. We have a Wii, had it since Ron was three years old (not the same one, because we bought a shiny red one a couple of years ago to replace the old black one). We bought it mainly because we like to have toys that we can pin buying them on the kids, but also because we thought (and still do) that out of all the game-consoles out there, this one is the least bad.

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