Don't want to be a Grow up!

Don't want to be a Grow up!

Don't want to be a Grow up!

I have been having a couple of lazy mornings, with the children being off school. It has given me time to reflect, let my mind wander a bit. It got me thinking about the way I saw life as a child and, where I am now. I decided I don't like being a grown up. Was it the same for our parents? 

So here is why I don't want to be a grown up........

When I was young, the t.v. only had 3 channels, we had allocated times of  'children's t.v.'. The people we saw on those programs were our idols, we looked up to them. We saw their images everyday, before tea........ As a grown up I find out that a few of these presenters were nothing more than predators. People trusted them to live up to their children's dreams, instead they were shattering lives. As a grown up, with children, I am terrified of everybody. Scared to leave them at clubs, until I know the person running it is CRB checked!

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