Don't Leave Us High & Dry, Singapore!

Don't Leave Us High & Dry, Singapore!

Dear Drama

Singapore has been hit by a dry spell. One of driest since the 1800s (and because of this, the mozzies are breeding and feasting upon our bodies. *insert sad itchy face* Unfortunately, you got it bad. Sorry kiddo.) and fortunately it is also the most windy. Alhamdullilah.

So one hot sweltering weekend, while fanning ourselves silly sitting by the kitchen window with our top sticking to our bodies, we were making small conversation about how pitiful the trees, plants and grass looked. All brown and dying.

I decided to use the recycled bath water (we sometimes keep the bucket full of water for scrubbing the corridor or mopping the kitchen) to water the plants and trees.

I was telling you - "Kesian (Pitiful) right the plants? I am sure they are thirsty like you. If you (kesian) pity the trees and the plants, come help water them ok!" and you happily water the plants saying "Kesian (pity) you pokok (tree)!"

You even hug a tree saying I SAYANG (Love) YOU POKOK! Hahah of course I am forever camera-ready for that!

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