Don't Judge My Children By My Teenage Diaries

Don't Judge My Children By My Teenage Diaries

Oh the Daily Mail have excelled themselves this week. Their declaration of Miliband Snrs hatred of his country, mostly based on some stuff he wrote in his teenage diary, is both nasty and stupid. You can't judge anyone on anything they said at 17. I have my diaries from that age. They are full of depressing poetry, lengthy heartfelt letters to the object of my unrequited affection, complaints about spots, and generally self centered, self pitying drivel. Please don't say that if one of my children becomes of public interest, they will be denigrated by a dodgy rhyme I wrote in my youth. The very fact that Mr Miliband Snrs contained something more intellectual than this is quite impressive, perhaps if they had printed the following page it would have been an ode to the woes of the white head. - See more at:

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