Don’t cross the line!

Don’t cross the line!

Are we getting too obsessed with rules?

Now, I’m a good girl (to start with)! I will follow rules and processes to the letter to start with and feel very guilty if I accidentally break a rule when I am first introduced to whatever rule it is.

But, as time goes by and I know the reason why the rule is there, what it’s benefit is etc, I will sometimes make an informed decision to break it if I think the rule is a detriment to progression and I can confidently defend my decision to break it.

I agree that rules and processes are important – I don’t like chaos, I like things to be ‘tidy’. They are usually there for a reason. The right rules will keep things consistent and a project without good processes will be inefficient (believe me, I have personal experience of this right now).

But sometimes, I think someone gets a bit power hungry, only seeing their own point of view so throws up rules all over the place without any real consideration. Rules for the sake of rules!

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