Domestic violence, mothers, children and autism

It's been a horrible week in the autism community, with an outpouring of grief, anger and judgement after the dreadful events in the US, where a mother tried to kill her autistic daughter and herself. No-one should ever do that to a child, and it is good to hear that 14 year old Issy seems to be on the road to recovery.

Because of my job, I found myself reading through article after article condemning this mother, and many other mothers too. Only a few have mentioned that Issy had been violent towards her mother, even landing her in hospital.

Some children can be aggressive and even violent towards their parents: sometimes this is due to being overwhelmed or frustrated, or unable to communicate what is wrong in any other way. But if you have a child who is violent, especially if he or she is an autistic child, the reaction from certain sections of the autistic community seems to be that as a parent you should just put up with it. If you can't cope, it is your fault for being a sub-standard parent.

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