Dog Borstal!!

Dog Borstal!! »

Tito has always been headstrong, he does what he looks, when he likes and can be the most disobedient dog you would ever know.

He doesn’t like noises.

He doesn’t like the rain.

Or the wind.

Or thunder.

Or lightning.

Or fireworks.

And he does not do change!

He can be very difficult to please.

He cowers, and he is nervous and he will not go out to do his business in the garden if any of the above are happening outside.

But the worst thing about him is that he does not like change.

He hates anything to be different, and we thought that we may have an issue with Baba starting school, but we weren’t really prepared for how big an issue we had.

Since Baba has been at school. Tito decided that he would no longer ask to go out to the toilet, instead he would just do what he had to do, where ever he felt like it in our hallway. Every night we woke up to a mess, and then he took it one step further and wouldn’t even ask in the daytime.

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