Does being Married and Thirty mean I'm Unemployable...?

Does being Married and Thirty mean I'm Unemployable...?

I've never been one of the those girls who is easily offended by sexist jokes or remarks. Probably because I sometimes (most of the time) don't really get the intended joke or that I'm usually (and rightfully so) the butt of the joke, so I can never really argue. I'm all for Women's Rights and all, but fortunately I've never been in a position where I've been personally offended or inflicted by feminist issues and struggles.

But then something was brought to my attention this week that has got my blood boiling. It's made me reflect on my position as a hard working female and I'm fuming. The sad fact here is that I don't think there is anything I can do about it, except babble on my blog and hope that I am not alone in this issue. Oh and pray that my current bosses aren't secret Miss Enchanting blog readers. Now that would be awkward come Monday morning...

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