Does anyone else apologise in restaurants?

Does anyone else apologise in restaurants?

Does anyone else find themselves suddenly apologising in restaurants when it comes to be your turn to order? I have made a comic today about a typical experience in my socially awkward shoes. The extract is below but you may just want to visit the page itself to see it in comic form which may make more sense.

1 Could I please have the Mackerel? 2 The pork belly please! 3 Hi, I apologise in advance I’m afraid. 4 I’m a Celeriac so I’m on a gluten-free diet – I am sorry. 5 I was wondering if you knew if the Lamb was safe to eat? 5 Hmm I’m not sure… 6 I’m so sorry but would you mind asking the chef if it’s safe? If that’s ok with you? 7 Obviously only if you have time… actually no don’t worry I’ll just have it with no sauce it should be fine! 8 It’s ok… 9 No no sorry I’m such a pest it’s ok just the salad that should be ok right? No maybe not don’t worry I’m not really hungry I don’t need to eat no problem I’ll wait until dinner! 10 Can I get you anything?

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