Do you know your Maternity rights

Do you know your Maternity rights

A recent survey reveals almost half of UK women are nervous about telling their boss they’re pregnant As many as 42% of working women are uneasy about their employer’s reaction when they tell them they are pregnant, according to a survey commissioned by QualitySolicitors. Even more women are unclear about their maternity rights, with 78% of women not asking about their company’s maternity policy having accepted a job.

I remember the day I told my bss that I was pregnant with my first daughter like it was yesterday. He was a lovely boss but had a bit of a “thing” about babies and children and wasn’t the most supportive of pregnant women. As expected he was probably more disappointed than excited for me and was more concerned about how he would cope without me when I was on Maternity leave ! I worked up to week 39 to try and ensure I would have as much time as possible after the birth with my baby.

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