Do you have mealtime deja vu?

Do you have mealtime deja vu?

Ever felt that your stomach as well as your mind can experience déjà vu? In the last few months, I’ve been having this sensation regularly.

I’m stuck in a meal rut: I’ve been eating the same breakfast (porridge) and the same lunch (a wholegrain bagel), give or take a filling here or there, for about two years. Week in, week out.

And while dinner is the one meal that’s different each evening, my husband and I seem to have a rotation of only 10 dishes.

It means that with amazing regularity, I’m faced with a plate of food that looks exactly the same as the meal we enjoyed perhaps last week – and the week before, and the week before that.

Before you say anything, let me explain. I started falling into this rut about six months after my youngest child was born. He’s now two and a half. At first, I really enjoyed these meals. But then they became a habit that I haven’t managed to break.

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