Do you do that to the guys?

Do you do that to the guys?

With a lingering gaze which started at the bottom of her pink Givenchy gown, the camera swept upwards, inviting us to admire the curve of Cate Blanchett’s hips and breasts. Except, suddenly, the shot was punctured when she bent towards the camera and asked “Do you do that to the guys?”

Cate’s pointed question to the E! News camera crew has become the talking point of the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards 2014. With seven little words she went from being a Hollywood darling playing her part on the red carpet, to being the voice which called out the objectification of women by an entire industry.

Good on Cate Blanchett. Do camera crews film women and men in the same way on the red carpet? No, of course they don’t. And the difference is about far more than showing viewers the intricacies of a designer gown. Admittedly, there would be little interest in lengthy takes of similar-looking tuxedos – but what’s happening on the carpet isn’t just a filming of outfits.

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