Do we really need to ban packed lunches?

Do we really need to ban packed lunches?

It seems not a week goes by at the moment without a school related debate arising. Last week it was holidays, this week school lunches, again!

The Government are suggesting Head Teachers ban children from bringing in packed lunches to school and only serving school meals in new plans to tackle the rise in childhood obesity. Whilst I am all for helping educate people in healthy eating, particularly with regards to their children I think this is a huge step too far!

Already at my son’s school we have a huge list of things he is not allowed to take in his lunchbox, all fairly obvious items he very rarely has anyway such as fizzy drinks and ‘proper’ chocolate bars. Not long after he had first started school I gave him a small Freddo in his lunchbox one Friday as a treat and the dinner ladies told him he wasn’t allowed that, boy did I get a telling off when he came out of school!

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