Do-Over Day

Do-Over Day - Grenglish

There are things I wish I had done differently.  There are situations where I wish I had reacted better.  There are conversations I could have handled more compassionately.  There are people I should have judged less.  Times when I should have spoken up more, and times when I should have said nothing at all.  Relationships that should have ended long before they did.  Friendships that I should have fought harder to hold onto.

These are the moments that keep me awake at night.

Then there are the memories sweet dreams are made of.  Perfect days where I would not want to change a thing, but go back and bask in every single detail all over again.

Long summer days spent on the beach in Devon last year.  Family barbecues and laughing with friends.  Good food, fine wine.  First steps, first words, first uninterrupted night’s sleep.

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