Do my lips look big in this?

Do my lips look big in this?

I’ve seen ‘sitting’ on this post for some time. It’s a sensitive area for me, although I wanted to share I’ve been a bit anxious. This morning I read a b log post by Crystal Afro on what she calls her ‘lipstick-phobia’ (please CLICK HERE to read her post). While my story is different, the end result is the same to use her term; ‘lipstick-phobia’.

As a girl I sucked my thumb. Various family members tried to get me to stop. I was stubborn and stopped at the ripe ole age of 10 years. It may sound harsh but that’s just in some families, I got teased a lot about my mouth/lips. I told that I had a long lip. Sometimes I’d be addressed as ‘long lip girl’. Naturally, I spent a considerable amount of time over the years examining my profile for any sign of proof in their comments. Although I found none, I still felt self-conscious.

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