Do I inspire you?

Do I inspire you?

heard this week that my blog has been shortlisted in the the Inspire category of the equivalent of the the blog oscars, the Brilliance in Blogging Awards or BiBs (some of you may remember that two years ago I reached the final of these awards).

To make the finals again depends on votes. 4 blogs with the highest number of votes go through, two more are selected to go through, the final 6 are then reviewed by an independent judge who will decide the winner. It's a great accolade to get to this stage, to get to the next stage, as I did two years ago would be amazing but I don't write this blog for awards.

I started writing Was this in the Plan? , 5 1/2 years ago as a way of documenting everything that was going on in our lives as Daisy's health deteriorated and she was diagnosed with intestinal failure and became TPN dependent. Over the years I have tried to be very honest and open, as we faced health battle after health battle, then learned about Theo's asperger diagnosis and then came to terms with Daisy's epilepsy and continued deterioration. - See more at:

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