DIY Visualization Board

DIY Visualization Board

2014 is here and with every new year, comes new resolutions. If you're like me and a good majority of people, when it comes to resolutions this involves writing a list and making a promise to yourself to actually complete it. Then after a month or two into the new year, you eventually forget and/or give up. Over the years, I've made tons of resolutions that I wanted to complete. Then over the next few months I forget all about my resolutions and find my list a week before New Years day! It wasn't until my mom gave me the idea to create a Visualization Board. If you have ever read the book The Secret and have heard about the Law of Attraction, then you definitely know what a Visualization/Action/Dream Board is all about. For those of you who don't know it's exactly what the name implies, a board filled with pictures to help you visualize success.


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