DIY Scrunchie Tutorial

DIY Scrunchie Tutorial | Oh Hi DIY

I have two problems: I hate elastic hair bands as they always seem to get tangled in my hair and I have ALOT of scraps of fabric that I can’t bear to throw away. Good news is, I’ve discovered the solution to both of these dilemmas and, even better, it’s 90s themed!

I’m not ashamed to say that I really enjoyed the 90s, from the ages of 7 – 17 I had a lovely time, I liked watching Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (check out my PJs on instagram) and Thundercats, I was a big fan of 5ive and who didn’t love mood rings? I never thought it would happen but the 90s are back – they’re making a new Turtles movie, 5ive are back together (albeit with only three or four of them) and hair accessories are going old school, scrunchies are back on the table!

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