DIY Pedicure in 6 Easy Steps

DIY Pedicure in 6 Easy Steps

Aside from doing pedicures, there are various ways to keep your feet looking nice and feeling smooth. If you don't have to time to get them taken care of professionally here, are a few DIY tips.

1. If you have one, fill up a small foot spa with warm water or if you don't have one, a small basin is fine. Dip your feet into the water, for at least 20 minutes. (You might want to bring a magazine with you.)

2. Once your time is up, pat your feet dry. Next, for a more gentle exfoliation, you can rub Dead Sea salt or sugar on your feet to get rid of the dead skin and any rough spots. Or else, you could use a pumice stone which will get the job done nicely too.

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