DIY: Handmade Labels and Packaging

DIY: Handmade Labels and Packaging When I started my Cats of Etsy project, I had in mind a few things. I wanted, obviously, to make everyone smile, but I also wanted to learn a few things for my products, brand, and shop. I decided I’d write a how-to post for each thing I learned along the way.

I knew making something in bulk would force me to:

Develop an efficient process for producing in quantity Learn to schedule my time appropriately, and Turn handmade labels into something I could make quickly Last year, when I was getting ready for my first craft fair, I needed to bring more than just original drawings. I wanted, however, to bring something original, personal, and handmade, the qualities that I pride in my pet portraits.

I decided to make my first cat magnets. I didn’t print out a label for the packaging. I actually handmade each label individually. I think I was able to make about 50 magnets for the fair, which meant 50 handmade labels. Whoa.

So for the Cats of Etsy project, I needed to do things differently.

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