DIY Dad and the Decorating Disaster

I began the new year setting out some fairly straightforward resolutions and am pleased to say that I have started off fairly well. Mr B and I managed to avoid opening a bottle of wine until the weekend and we completed four sessions of Insanity so, although I have not yet stepped on the scales, I am feeling hopeful that the dreaded flab will be somewhat diminished. Today we managed to pick up some brand new pillows so I plan to pop out and get some protectors tomorrow and we can finally be rid of our stinky old ones. With my birthday not too far away new bedding is now at the top of my wish-list. I have managed to get one quote for damp-coursing the downstairs which was, as I feared, pretty astronomical, so another plan for tomorrow is to try and arrange a few more and see what we can arrange. Strangely it is not the disruption of the damp-coursing and subsequent plastering that I dread the most, it is afterwards. New walls means decorating…and it is not something I am any good at. It is a trait that I fear I have inherited from my Father. (Sorry Dad.)

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