(Dis)Organised Me.

(Dis)Organised Me.

We recently managed a short but fabulous family break away to Center Parcsnofollow, which was truly awesome and there will be more of that to come. Having to now pack for two adults and two children it is somewhat of a monumental effort to gather together all the stuff that we need and the thought of this, never mind the expense, meant a trip abroad was really not on the cards this year.

Luckily our battered old Saab, with its missing wing-mirror cover and stereo that has been stubbornly silent for the last three years, does have a rather large boot. We set about our usual packing routine the morning of our departure.

I throw the kids clothes, nappies, creams and Calpol in a super large shopping bag and entertain the toddler whilst giving Little Miss’ bouncy chair an occasional kick so she does not feel forgotten. (I do kick the chair, not the child, just to be clear.)

Mr B loads up the pram wheels, buggy board, moses basket stand, carry-cot etc into the boot.

I chuck him bag number one.

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