Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy

Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy

We’ve been trying to take our minds off this horrible weather by talking about what we’re each looking forward to later on this year…the kids are excited about various things, from our camping trip to Dartmouth (not till it’s MUCH warmer mind) to getting their own bedrooms when the House Project is completed (haven’t quite broken it to them that it’ll be next year rather than this…)

The one thing that’s causing the most excitement, for my lovely girl especially, is our trip to see Disney on Ice presents World of Fantasy. This show, which promises to be absolutely spectacular, is coming to Cardiff in April, as the last stop on a tour of the UK which takes in Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow and London on the way. We’ve never been to a live Disney show before, or a show on ice for that matter, and it’s fair to say we’re pretty excited about both!

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