Disney, Let’s Get Real!

Disney, Let’s Get Real!

Note: November 25th, is the U.N.’s International Day To End Violence Against Women. In recognition of the day, something I believe is important every day, I plan to share a few posts this month that look at how women are viewed and treated in society– and how that may contribute to the problem.

When women are sexualized and compartmentalized, on so many levels, it’s not hard to see why they are victimized in such huge numbers.

I’m not an expert on the topic, and I’m sure there are much more complex theories out there; however, whether it’s unrealistic Disney characters or how our girls are expected to dress at school, these issues are relevant to the larger issue of inequality and abuse of women. Join the discussion! Share these posts, or contribute your own thoughts in the comment section.

GIPY Tinker Bell by GIPY

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