Disability Fairness: How fair is disability

Disability Fairness: How fair is disability

Disability fairness: I have been thinking about  what does fair mean when it comes to disabilities. A few things have triggered it and really made me stop and question my beliefs and opinions. In the way we access help for those with disabilities, the way we treat those with disabilities, how help for disabilities is funded and whether we should make things fair for those without disabilities.

Disability Fairness fails in the fact that some people can obtain more help than others?

No Disability fairness with a Postcode Lottery

I was reading about the postcode lottery on A Northern Mum’s blog Type One Diabetes Making it Fair for my Warrior, about blood ketone meters being able to save lives for those with Type 1 Diabetes, but yet it depends on where you live as to whether you get one. This is far from fair and I really recommend you read the post for further information on this. This lack of disability fairness can, unfortunately, be extended to many areas such as speech therapists, portage, hospital appointments, operations and so on, due to people’s postcodes. Something ought to be done.

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