Dirty Coke Fudge - UK Style!

Dirty Coke Fudge - UK Style! What is Dirty Coke I hear you asking?

Well, I read about Dirty Coke over at the brilliant blog Sugarhero a few months back. Elizabeth over at Sugarhero explained that it is a coke (diet or otherwise) with coconut and lime juice added to it. ‘Is that it?’ I also hear you ask.

But wait until you have tried one! The flavours altogether give you a brand new flavour experience, like nothing you’ve had before. People are also dirtying up other sodas, such as Dr Pepper and Pepsi. But I’m sticking with Diet Coke personally.

Elizabeth then went on to make a very delicious swirled fudge using the three flavours of cola, coconut and lime. I wanted to make it, and a couple of people asked me to try it too.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the cola flavoured oil or coconut syrup. Instead I got cola flavouring from the baking aisle in Sainsburys and coconut flavour essence from a local baking shop, but I had seen this in the Chinese Supermarket too. The fudge also used a jar of marshmallow Fluff, now widely available in the UK.

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