#dionneandjoy: an evening of hair-styling and makeup artistry at its finest

#dionneandjoy: an evening of hair-styling and makeup artistry at its finest

Just over a week a go I had the pleasure of attending a beauty event. It was an evening that showcased the work of hairstylist Dionne Smith and makeup artist Joy Adenuga. Both ladies have worked with celebrities, glossy magazines such Blackhair Magazine and more. I was running 'fashionably late' or so I told myself while hoping beyond hope that the event would not kick off at its carded time of 4pm. Well, the gods were with me and it started a bit later. The outcome was that I had time to have my nails done by Colour Riot, then mingle before taking my seat three rows from the front. I was not about to miss a single thing, as this month I hit the BIG 40. After three years of sleep deprivation, I feel that I need to learn a few beauty tricks quick-time. I was not to be disappointed. Proceedings started with a prayer and I knew I was in the right place amongst good people. Thanks to Dionne and Joy that week ended on a high.

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