Dinosaur room makeover

Dinosaur room makeover This post is about how we moved our son, with special needs, out of our bedroom and into his own DINOSAUR room for his 4th birthday.

You may recall that last July we bought our first house – you can see the before pictures here.

Well it is a slow project as we have the boys, and to be honest, it’s got to a state where we could get by in and still enjoy life. But one of the things we did have to do was get our youngest into his own room (he was sharing with us). Not just for us, but for him.

We think he has sensory processing disorder, and disturbed sleep wasn’t doing him or us any good. We were praying that hoped that being in his home own room would help him sleep. In fact it has done much more than that, as it’s his own space, and he can take himself off there – brilliant.

Our main problem was we had kind of thrown all our junk in his room.

Embarrassing before picture

We set ourselves a deadline date of his birthday to get him in there.

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