Dinosaur Day

Dinosaur Day

So last week we had a Space Day, and this week it was Dinosaur Day! As before, I set up the kitchen table. I don't have a photo unfortunately, but I used an upturned bowl with a cup on top as the basis for a volcano which was covered in a dark red shawl with some of Ram's pink and red ties coming out of the top to represent lava. Then I set up all our plastic dinosaurs around the base. It was rather good, if I say so myself.

We began with another poster making activity as this was so popular last time. The children painted a large piece of paper in different shades of green and yellow, then Harry coloured in some free printable dinosaur colouring sheets, again from the fantastic Twinkl. I told him that no-one really knows what colour dinosaurs were, although we can make a good guess, so he took me at my word and produced some fantastically bright dinosaurs. He cut them out and we stuck them on with a name label.

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