DinoJaws at Leeds Royal Armouries

We decided recently that we wanted to try some new activities with the children. To get out more as a family, to parks, museums and beaches. To combine outdoor activities and indoor activities to make interesting Sundays and plans for the summer holidays too. On Sunday we head to the DinoJaws exhibit at Leeds Royal Armouries, partly because C loves dinosaurs and party because we had never taken the children to the Royal Armouries. Also because although I’m from Leeds I’d never been to the Royal Armouries either.

Entry to the Royal Armouries is free, they do welcome donations and suggest that £3 would be a good donation to make. Whilst you are in the armouries there are a number of fee paying such as the Crossbow shooting range (£3) and the children’s play room (£2.50) and various guns to ‘fire’ (£1). So you can end up spending a bit of money if you choose to. We tried a gun and the crossbow range and didn’t think either activity was overpriced. Plenty of interesting exhibits to look around and great views out over the canals, perfectly for spying on canal boats and people spotting!

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