Diet? What diet?

Diet? What diet?

Prezzybox don’t believe in dieting, and with our list of rules, you don’t need to either! With these top 10 lame excuses, you can give yourself some great reasons to carry on being the foodie you’ve always been…

1. Several small pieces of cake don’t add up to one large piece because of the crumbs you lose. 2. Squeezing a slice of lemon into a drink or onto food, will automatically cancel out the calories because the acid dissolves them. 3. Eating just half of anything shows dedicated dieting. Reward yourself by eating the other half.

4. You burn more calories if you eat it standing up. This means it’s not fattening if you lick the cake mixing bowl, mid-bake. 5. You can lose weight by watching the Olympics. Even whilst eating cake. The thought of exercise and the process of metabolizing the cake increases enzyme secretion, thus speeding up digestion.

6. Liquid calories aren’t as dangerous as food calories because it doesn’t stay in the body long enough for the calories to escape into your body. Any liquid actually containing calories, can be taken care of with a slice of calorie-dissolving lemon…

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