Diet Tips

Diet Tips

I struggle with my weight so recently I asked some of my friends for some dietary tips in an effort to kick start my diet. These tips seem to work for them. Remember always see your doctor if you are very unfit or have a lot of weight to lose before starting a diet and exercise regime.

I've lost over 6 stones by doing simple things - cut carbs, lots of fruit and veg. L Davis

Avoid white rice and white bread at all costs - rice cakes are really bad they make your insulin levels soar then plummet causing you to eat more and more.... L Fancy

I've been doing Slimming World since January. I always thought it would be faddy but it hasn't, it's just educated me in eating the right things. J Bagnell

Kettlercise - I've tried everything and its the only thing I see virtual instant results from. Toning and weight loss. S Roberts

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