Did you ever think your life would be like this?

Did you ever think your life would be like this?

I was watching my husband crawling around on the floor this afternoon tending to a sick Furby (I kid you not!) as L has quickly got bored with the needs of his little furry friend and it occurred to me that as parents we often find ourselves in the strangest situations and situations that we would never have envisaged in our younger days.

That's the funny thing (or one of the many) about parenting isn't it?  It changes your whole perspective and throws it firmly on its head. 

It starts as soon as the baby is born.  Having a baby to look after and entertain full time changes you. The hours I spent talking 'baby' and pulling faces and singing like a lunatic to try and ward away the tears.  Then there were the lengths you would go to get a small person to sleep.

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