Did I switch the iron off?

Did I switch the iron off?

We’ve all done it. Slammed the front door, driven off in a mad rush, then panicked ten miles down the road.

In my case it’s: “Did I switch the iron off?” In poet Pam Ayres’s case it’s: “Did I switch the tongs off?”

Funnily enough, I was driving to Carluccio’s in Covent Garden to meet my daughter for lunch when I heard Pam Ayres talking about moments like this on Radio 2.

My heart sank. I could have sworn I’d left the house with the iron on full blast, then had to give myself a stern talking-to because I haven’t actually ironed anything for weeks.

Pam Ayres was being interviewed by Graham Norton to mark the publication of her witty new book, You Made Me Late Again! The collection includes the brilliantly insightful Did I Turn Off My Tongs?, which in turn contains the lines:

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