Diagnosing Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Diagnosing Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - Cheetahs In My Shoes

If you see a Doctor who knows what they’re looking for, diagnosing Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (certainly the type we have) is a relatively straightforward process. I say it took 29 years and 10 minutes with a further 5 minutes filling in a questionnaire. Those ‘in the know’ assess using both the Beighton and Brighton Scales and understand that you don’t have to score highly on the Beighton Scale to still have EDS. Those who aren’t ‘in the know’ (and for goodness sakes, your General Practitioner may see 1 case of EDS in their entire professional career, you can’t expect in depth knowledge in everything) may assess using the Beighton Scale only or indeed just offer a blanket diagnosis of ‘hypermobility’ and let you get on with it from there.

Here in the UK, a few weeks ago, there was a well discussed article (although can I find it now??????? clearly not that exciting 3 weeks later!) about the ‘medicalisation’ of conditions in children that previously would have been put down all children being different, not down to a physical or mental health condition.

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