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I have been challenged by Sarah at Mum of Three Worldfollow to choose my desert island discs. When you love music it is a remarkably difficult feat to pick just 8 songs, but I shall give it a go, on the proviso that if you ask me tomorrow, or next week, you will probably get a different eight tracks…

Cardiacs – To Go Off And Things….

I am not a person who thinks ‘Ooh, being trapped on a desert island would be lovely’. I don’t do beach holidays, I like life and bustle – something I struggle with just by living in a small town these days, let alone a beach with nobody in sight. This song will remind me of the joy and horror of town life. ‘Squalor is at large in tidy suburbia….’ and that is how I like it. Plus it is one of the best weird videos ever made, by one of the best weird bands ever to exist. I love them.

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