Decoration botheration

Decoration botheration Doesn’t home decoration take aaaaages when you have small children?

Five years ago, we popped the cork of some celebratory champagne and spent our first night in our new home (I only had a sip, as I was six months pregnant at the time). We’d spotted the house as a bargain the moment we set foot through the door, but ten years of renting had left a musty smell in most rooms, and walls of a tobacco-stained magnolia. It needed a complete revamp.

Our redecoration list felt daunting, but not impossibly long. A new second bathroom upstairs. Fresh colour in the master bedroom. An overhaul of the front reception room. A nursery for baby; and, some way off in the future, a loft conversion and a new kitchen.

Then, out popped Austin, and the hours we’d planned to spend sprucing up the house, were given over to mopping up sick and changing nappies.

Luckily, with the hard work of some dear friends, the final slap of colour and turn of the plumber’s wrench had been applied to our new bathroom, just in time for the birth.

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