Declutter, Dejunk and Simplify Your Life

Declutter, Dejunk and Simplify Your Life

In a probably vain attempt to simplify our lives we have decided to declutter the entire house from the garden to the loft. This is no simple task as I have a slight tendency to keep things just in case one day they may prove to be useful. I’m not saying I’m a hoarder, although the other half begs to differ. I’m just saying that one day I might find a use for that box full of old toilet rolls and the old net from the last trampoline and the millions of empty jam jars in the cupboard! You see my problem?

So anyway, in true procrastination style, I have decided to write a list, (I love a good list me) of what needs doing and even if I only do one thing a week, well, then that’s something at least. Here we go…

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