Deciding what to do at 16

Deciding what to do at 16

So how do I decide? It is a big decision, Or am I just thinking to much in to it? I know I'm not the first to go college but I seem to be the only one out of my friends who has no idea what to do. There are so many job options out there now, its hard to chose one, as I know I can and its highly likely I'll change my mind.

They try to help, but there help doesn't help. My sisters never had this problem, they knew what they wanted so didn't even think twice, so why am I thinking so much about it? 

I'm only 16 and yet I am deciding things that will effect what I do for the rest of my life. However, I know no one is expecting me to know everything, but I feel like I should have some kind of plan to stick by or something to fall back on.

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