Dear Mr Gove

Dear Mr Gove

I'm sure you are snowed under with mail, so apologies for adding to your already overflowing postbag but I had to write. Despite my previous post on Education at 3? No thanks! it seems you misunderstood and felt children starting their Education EARLIER was somehow more appropriate? I use a capital "E" there because everyone else seems to know that children are always educated, always learning, thirsty for knowledge and keen to try anything new. This innate curiosity is a gift, not a qualification and needs little more than the gentlest of touches to encourage.

As a supporter of "Big Society" and not "Big Government" I am curious why you have so little faith in society and the individuals of which it is comprised. More crucially - the facts and information you claim to love. It's  well known by anyone involved working (or playing!) with young children that they have a natural and profound capacity to learn. Of far greater import is the securing of that environment and supporting parents than dictating new rules and guidelines to artificially propel their offsprings' infant brains along the educational conveyor belt.

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