Dear Michael Gove....

Dear Michael Gove.... Dear Michael,

I’ve been putting off writing to you for a bit now. I figured you’re probably having a bit of a bad time of it at the moment, that you get enough mail from people telling you how to do your job from the comfort of behind their own laptops. But Michael, I thought I should write and say, it’s ok, you know? It’s becoming more and more obvious that you’re starting to show some rather big signs of being too stressed. Michael, you’re over-reacting and I think you need to chill it out.

My problem, Michael, is the report this week from the Save Childhood Movement about the value in children not starting formal education until they are older. Of course, there are other things I could mention (actually Michael, there’s a whole blog full of stuff to mention but then I’d never get my crochet done) but we’ll stick to that one eh?

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