Dear Lucas....Pasta Mishap

Dear Lucas....Pasta Mishap - kidGLloves

Hailings from the Children’s Champion my most excellent friends and welcome to ‘Dear Lucas’. I’ve been rather a busy chappie this last couple of weeks ‘entertaining’ the Parents and continuing to let the Grandparents think I’m still the cutest, bestest Little Big person going. Generally, keeping everyone on their toes and teaching them to expect the unexpected, especially with big school starting back next week. It’s exhausting work! As always, should you need any advice, or indeed just need a pep talk about how to keep the parenting body disciplined and in good order, you can contact me on and I will be more than happy to assist. I’ve received a rather comical letter from a little man whose only seventeen months old. I’ve named him Little Lord Fauntleroy. The reason for my name is that clearly, at such a young age, he has got the Mother well and truly sussed and definitely deserves a Knighthood for his services to Little Big People. His letter had me chuckling into my Haribo, I can tell you.

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