Dear Lucas - Happy Birthday Daddy

Dear Lucas - Happy Birthday Daddy - kidGLloves

Greetings to all the awesome GL Gang members

Today is a VERY important and mega brilliant day. Today is my Daddy’s birthday and I hope you don’t mind me using ‘Dear Lucas’ to dedicate my weekly words to wishing Daddy the BEST birthday in the world. I am sooooo excited about him opening his presents tonight. How I haven’t whispered to him what his presents are, I’ll never know. I think I deserve some more Haribo just for keeping this a secret!!

I thought I’d share with you some of the reasons why Daddy is so awesome and why I want everyone to wish him a XL MEGA Happy Birthday.

He builds AWESOME Lego with me. He’s able to follow all the drawings on the plan that comes with it, and he doesn’t moan too much if I break it and he has to re-build it.

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